Bates Woodwork is available to install many different coverings to the outside of your home. We also can arrange special designs so that you can show any of your interests, or your love for all things Cape Cod.



Special Applications

Bates Woodwork has done some out of the ordinary designs, and can create the look for your home to make it stand out. See our Tapered Columns gallery, that is soon to be featured in The Journal of Light Construction.

Tapered Cambered Posts

Decks and Rails

Decks, Rails, and Stairs

Bates Woodwork can build your new deck, or repair your old deck with the material of your choice. From beautiful naturally durable woods like Mahogany and Ipe, to composite materials such as Trex, and CorrectDeck. We can also integrate your personality and interests, like we did with the Wave Railing pictured above.

Decking - Coming Soon